Durham Bird Club's Castle Lake Nature Reserve

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Speed King

Witnessed not one but two awesome displays from the Castle Lake hide this afternoon.
Firstly a Short-eared Owl hunted the rough grass below and to the right of the hide, occasionally dropping down to the ground though it didn't appear to catch anything.

On the second of its two trips across the lake the SEO put up the 600 strong Golden Plover flock and a male Peregrine was quick to take advantage catching one in-flight but then dropped its prey into the water. After a short break to assess the situation (pictured below) it eventually successfully retrieved its prey with a display of brute force and flew off to the south carrying its booty.

Other birds of note on this visit were a Little Egret (very rare at this time of year) and the wintering Green Sandpiper. Over at Low Hardwick were the immature Hen Harrier and 5 Short-eared Owl.

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