Durham Bird Club's Castle Lake Nature Reserve

Monday, 11 July 2011

#118 Kingfisher

'Kingfisher over' is not a common occurance when out birding, I certainly can't recall seeing one fly over my head ever before buts thats exactly what happened this morning as I stood on the bridge that straddles the River Skerne just east of Fishburn Lake. Surprisingly this was my first Kingfisher sighting in the area this year, the last two winters have certainly had an effect on numbers, but as today's bird was carrying food hopefully there are young around and the population can recover.
Earlier I ventured over to Low Hardwick where a family group of five Kestrel were airbourne together, by the moto-cross pools were four Sedge Warbler including two juveniles and further on were a party of Willow Tit.
Back at Castle Lake it was pretty much business as usual with a similar selection from previous days, the only new arrivals looked to be two Wigeon.

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